Department of Golf course service

This year, the season was favoured by long periods of warm and dry days.

Dear Club Members,

While I am writing this article, we are watching the first snow cover of this year. Based on the average annual weather data, it is significantly late, that indicates climate change and its effect on precipitation.

This year, the season was favoured by long periods of warm and dry days, they were definitely very lucky for the game. The greens, tees and farways continue to get stronger, that allows us to create a fast golf course that can withstand wear much better than a soft, wet golf course.
Nevertheless, we still have a significant amount where drainage shall be arranged, in particular, Farways No. 15 and No. 16 as well as the left side of Farway No. 6 and the top part of Farway No. 7.

The pond by the 13-th hole
As you have already noticed, the water level in the pond at the 13-th hole in October was low. We deliberately flushed water to this level to find out why the water level was decreasing during the season. We succeeded to find out the following: the upper 2 meters of the pond have numerous small holes in a membrane. The repair will be carried out at the beginning of the 2019 season, as soon as the temperature will rise above 15C. After repair, the pond will look as beautiful as before.

Heather (Calluna vulgaris)
Heather is a fairly common plant found on many golf courses in Northern Europe. It is distinguished not only by beautiful flowering, it’s a very good plant for improving the natural environment. It provides a valuable source of food for birds, bees and other beneficial insects. It also adds a natural aesthetic value to the landscape. During the autumn months of 2018 we have planted heather bushes in several places on the golf course to test how it would take root on our golf course. If the test proves positive, we will begin a program aimed at planting heather at key locations around the golf course.

We wish you all the best in 2019 and look forward to seeing you next season. Yours sincerely,
Department of Golf course service.