For beginners

Beginners will feel as confidently as professionals in the club. There are different opportunities to learn golf in the club:

    • 350-meter fairway training course with 350-meter fairway.
    • 4 training grounds modern driving range.
    • 2 classes with golf simulators, monitors and software to analyze your swing.
    • USGA standards hipping green, putting green and bunker created in accordance with USGA standards.

Golf-pro tips

It’s difficult to learn something new without grounding on the experience of professionals. We’ll publish important tips for beginners in this section.

Only professionals of PGA international category work at the golf club academy. They teach students all game aspects and create a comfortable family atmosphere in the club.

The key club difference is a trust-based communication between coaches and students. Its standards were founded by golf director of the academy Steven Dandas. There are also new training methods using video and computer technologies that help students to succeed.