Regnum Carya’s Golf 2018

Battle of Clubs through the eyes of a fan!

Rain … Drizzle - cold, nasty, autumn, squishing under your feet, soaking the grass to the ground, making body to shiver, pouring over the collar and inside jackets, bags, clubs … endless rain ...

Tense silence before the start, yet - smiles, friendly pats, almost all of people have long been closely acquainted, 6 best players from each of 14 Russian golf clubs with the highest handicaps, because they are indeed the best ...

The best of the best.
There is no room for usual ease, the main thing for everyone now is not to let down his team, not to screw it up, not to break, to withstand ... To win – as the maximum task! With such weather, it is especially difficult ...
I see it in shining smile of our captain of the Club - Volodya Rasskazov, in the attentive wise look of Armen Movsesian, in absolutely childish look of Gena Sokolov ...

In the Battle of Clubs in Regnum Cary’s Golf 2018 already 14 clubs are participating. Last year seven clubs from Moscow have taken part in a similar tournament: Agalarov, Forest Hills, Links, Moscow Country Club, Moscow City Golf Club, Pestovo, Skolkovo.
This year they were joined by Pirogovo, Zavidovo, Petergof, Don, Gorki, Pine Creek, Tseleevo chosen by the Regnum Carya representative office. Three-day battle on December 3-5, 2018, in the Ryder Cup format: the guys played in variations of foreball, force and single.
Pestovo has the new captain - one of the founders of golf in Russia, the most experienced player Vladimir Rasskazov. The team brought together by him for the first important battle feels a huge burden of responsibility towards him, the club, the friends ...
The first day: Moscow City Golf Club leads.
The second day: after the hardest stubborn struggle in pair tournaments Moscow City Golf Club
is still in the lead, yet 4 teams are competing for the 3-rd place having scored almost the same number of points.

Pair Movsesian - Zarudnaya in a fierce struggle has pulled out a victory! For the Pestovo Club the points brought by the confident calm game by Pershin - Putilovsky pair meant a serious help. You bet, 7/0! Calmly, confidently, without disruption and failure. The match ended at the 12-th hole due to the obvious victory of our guys.
Decisive, the last third day - the day of personal tournaments. Especially hard is was to play for Vasily Putilovsky who gave 12 strokes! (almost an incredible figure!!!)
to his opponent with a 19 handicap. But calm confident game, absolute concentration on the field at the decisive moment, sporty strong spirit and professional approach have yielded an excellent result: 8/0! Despite the opponent’s hard resistance, the game ended at the 11-th hole due to an obvious advantage. Exactly this result has brought our team in second place in the list of the Best!
By all means, all the rest of the team has to be mentioned - almost all team members have become winners!

Armen Movsesian and Igor Chizhikov pulled out a victory with their teeth, fighting to the last. The cleverest tactics and incredible endurance did the job! Yet, a particularly dramatic match broke out between Gennady Sokolov and Alexander Timoshin (handicap 0). Up to the last hole there was a fierce struggle that has ended up in a friendly draw and brought the important 0.5 points for the team.
No doubt, the Queen of the Golf, the only woman in the team - Natalia Zarudna, uniquely stable, with a charming smile, having won all games and added 3 points to the team score, was the strongest player in the field!

Beautiful Regnum Carya golf met our champions with all its heart! Starting from pink champagne with homemade chocolate in the main hall and ending with a sumptuous gala dinner in honour of the winners! Everything was done and organized in a superb, tasty, bright, sincere way as they can do it here - in such a wonderful place created by a golfer for golfers! How pleasant as that help for our Natasha Pavlova, our organizer and soul of our team and our PRO Kseniya Eremina!

Yes, our team took silver medal. For some, it’s a disappointment, but for many who know golf from the inside, who understand how much is happening on the field, that is an excellent result for our young team and our new captain. The Pestovo team has fought to the end! Vladimir, we have another year to become the first!

Pestovo, forward!

We thank Marina Putilovskaya for the wonderful story about the last Battle of the Clubs in Regnum Cary’s Golf 2018!