Golf Season 2018

Chapter 1

When summer ended up in Pestovo many memories remain about pleasant meetings, wonderful victories in tournaments and new results. All that due to the constant endeavor at self-improvement and acquired skills. Golf leaves its mark in the lives of not only athletes, but employees, too, for whom every Club member is a member of our large family.

We share with You joy and emotions, our lives go hand in hand with you. We are constantly creating something new, improving our professional level every year. This year, our team has created a special product, a special service for everyone. Remembering last year, you can see how we are growing and evolving, how we are creating the best conditions for you and your victories!

So shall we call to memory all the most beautiful moments of the season?

This year there were many achievements, for example, Margarita Kislitsyna and Vasily Putilovsky reduced their handicaps to a single value (less than 10.0), that makes any golfer proud!