Golf Season 2018

Chapter 2

Recalling the Club Championship, we certainly have to celebrate Armen Movsesian's victory. He has not just defended his title, but become a champion for the second year in a row, too, and that is especially important.
Armen is making a huge progress in golf, but what is important as well – he brings together everyone around! Armen copes excellently with the task to develop the golf in Russia!

This summer, together with Kim Khachaturian, Armen turned out to be ideological inspirer in creation of his own tournament: with atmosphere, songs and dances where everyone could feel as though he was in his native Armenia. Yet, the most important thing was that in that unusual tournament the Movsesian family has won all the prizes! Armen’s spouse has taken the first place in the winning team, the second one was claimed by Armen himself, in the third place was his son - Mikhail. So everyone in this wonderful family plays and achieves great success!

But that wasn’t the only tournament of our Club Members. In June, thanks to Dmitry Arkhipov, the bright and unforgettable Elghansa Cup took place.

The tournament made so memorable impression due to its atmosphere of the colorful Bavarian event that everyone wanted to repeat it next year! It turned out to be one of the brightest tournaments of the season, so we are very much pleased with that.