Golf Season 2018

Chapter 3

As the family club, we are proud of the achievements of both adult golfers and the youngest ones.

Young golf star Masha Khristenko has won not only the family tournament at Pestovo, but the stage of the US Kids Championship in Venice as well.

Fyodor Protosenya has accomplished seemingly impossible thing this year - Hole-In-One at the 13-th hole. Nikita Lyakhovoy has so much improved his results in the game that managed to become the Junior Club Champion!

Tanya Berendeeva has also found her calling. Effectively and victoriously, as in golf, she has burst in and become a competent employee of the Russian Golf Association. With interesting interviews and exciting stories, Tanya has attracted the attention of everyone: from grown-up athletes to the youngest ones. That is a huge success!

Children of our club follow the happy way fulfilling their dreams and achieving great results thanks to their parents in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the Pestovo Golf Club.