Golf Season 2018

Chapter 4

This year Natalia Zarudnaya has become a rightful absolute Club Champion. It was a glamorous, spectacular victory by our Queen of the golf. Awarded with the prestigious title, Natalia went to defend the honour of the Club in sunny Turkey at the Battle of Clubs.

Being the only woman in the team, Natalya not only proved that female power is vital in such difficult competition, but also achieved excellent results in golf – she has won all matches.

Moreover, as if the guiding star she has led the team to the second position in the tournament, the strongest clubs were left behind.

Another large-scale thing is the victory of Dmitry Lyakhovoy at the Pestovo President Cup! Dmitry managed to leave behind all rivals and showed himself as a serious athlete. But remembering last year's Hole-In-One, we were not surprised. More than that – we have rejoiced ... We were very glad!!!

Aleksey Pershin has won the Cup of the Individual Match-play storming the competition for the second year in a row. Aleksey has proved to everyone that there was no such height that he wouldn’t be able to conquer.