Disc Golf and Golf Biathlon

For the third winter season in a row disc golf keeps its grounds.

This year we moved away from the traditional disc golf and arranged a real triathlon for the guests!

The weather was favourable for fun in the open air, tasty treats from the restaurant of the Pestovo Golf Club furthered fighting spirit and let nobody to be hungry.

The competition itself began with disc golf: bright discs sliced the air like lightning. Juniors matched grown-ups in accuracy. Still, that was not the end.

Later on guests were offered a master class by Mikhail Talgatovich Devyatyarov, an outstanding Soviet and Russian skier, an honoured trainer of Russia. Then the biathlon from Biathlon Family Club started. By the way, in biathlon our beautiful ladies managed to gain more scores than men. The atmosphere of the holiday and good mood did take place.

And the tournament results are:

Yurin Anton - 33
Rogachev Andrey - 35
Obruchkov Alexander - 36 (by the result at the last hole)
Vladimir Tokunov - 36
Lyakhovoy Nikita - 41
Semenov Evgeny - 42
Lyakhovoy Dmitry - 47
Bespalenko Roman - 48

Evgrafova Anna - 43
Tokunova Julia - 48
Lyakhovaya Julia - 56

Yurina Elizaveta - 46
Tokunova Sofia - 50
Bespalenko Ivan - 61

We thank the partners for participation in the tournament:
DeviClub and personally M.T. Devyatyarov, Blaxie – the service of personal driver for corporate needs, Biathlon Family Club.

Photo: by Valery Vorobyev